Fazenda Irmãs Pereira 

With the dream of a better life, Antonio Andrade Pereira Filho and Maria da Conceição Costa Pereira decided to invest in his farm of 90 acres in the city of Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais. In 1971 they planted the first coffee seedlings in a city where coffee production was on the rise. Todays generation Luis Paolo Dias Pereira Filho produces several varieties of coffee but the Yellow bourbon is the best in Fazenda
Irmãs Pereira. Amazing aroma and distinctive taste, its flavor varies from citrus fruits to bittersweet chocolate.
Today, Brazil stands for around 30% of the world´s coffee production and has fallen victim to the results of industrial commercial coffee. In 2002, Fazenda Irmãs Pereira chose to convert to speciality coffee. They managed to achivie that
economically thanks to the support of speciality coffee roasters. At that time they were
pioneers in the Carmo de Minas region with also investing in a pulping machine which
further improved the quality. Many had their doubts, but now more and more farmers are turning to speciality coffee farming.
We have chosen to work with Fazenda Irmãs Pereira as we believe they are a role model for other farmers. They are a good example of conversion against the odds in the market. They are humble and want to make better coffee together with those who roast and brew their coffee.