Velo – Fazenda San Martin

Senhor Nelson Rivellini runs the 35 acre farm Fazenda San Martin that is located in the midst of the savanna in the Brazilian Patrocinio district. Everything started with
Nelsons Italian Grandfather who had a dream of running a coffee farm, which he made real after moving to Sao Paolo together with his family. Today over 100 years later, Nelson has great focus on quality and specialty coffee production which is unusual in Brazil. Thanks to the support of specialty coffee buyers Fazenda San Martin  has a Eco washing station which makes it easier to separate the quality of the cherries. The farm also has a tracing system that makes every coffee bag traceable all the way from the plant to the cup, we love that!
The Arabica variety of the farm is Mundo Novo which in this case has been 100% Natural processed on raised sunbeds. The flavor is nutty and bittersweet chocolate. After tracing and tasting this coffee for the first time we were convinced that this will be our interpretation of the modern and sustainable Italian espresso.
We have chosen to work with Fazenda San Martin since we think they are a role model for other farmers and a good example of conversion against the odds in the market. They are humble and want to make better coffee together with those who roast and brew their coffee.