Etiopien Diima

In Denbi Uddo, within the Guji districts of southern Ethiopia, coffee farmer Faysel Abdosh runs Gigesa, a young coffee plantation cooperative which started in 2014.  Since then Faysel and his team have built a school to support1000 students. They have future plans for building more schools and also dare to dream about generating a source of clean water for their community.
The cooperative consists of 850 individual farmers with the area divided into different lots. Every farmer owns between 1-2 acres of land each and together they grow the Heirloom coffee bean variety. On our visit to Faysel’s cooperative we were very impressed with his natural processed coffees . After it is harvested the bean is carefully sundried in layers to ensure an even drying process.  This farming method gives a clean cup with sweet flavors with characters of wild strawberries and plums.  We had developed great respect and seen firsthand in Faysel’s farming intentions to select and process only the highest-grade coffee. We loved this coffee so much and so for all the reasons
mentioned we decided to purchase one entire lot 2018!